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Inclusive Tuition Includes Lodging and Meals

Lodging and meals are included for all GSB residential schools, with specifics depending on the school. 

Graduate School of Banking students stay in single-occupancy dormitories on the University of Wisconsin campus and are provided three meals most days in assigned cafeterias on campus that are conveniently located to dorm housing. 

Participants in GSB’s residential specialty schools are typically housed at the Fluno Center for Executive Education, which is an executive style hotel and classroom facility. Based on availability. students may also stay at a nearby business hotel within easy walking distance of the Fluno Center. Full breakfast and lunch is served daily, as well as refreshment breaks. 

In some cases, GSB will host specialty schools at other locations nationwide; please refer to the overview page of a specific school to confirm location. 

Specific details about lodging and dining locations and assignments will be shared with enrolled students.