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GSB/UW Executive Leadership Certificate

GSB students who begin the program in 2015 or later will receive this prestigious certificate, along with a GSB diploma, upon completion of the program. GSB graduates also have the opportunity to earn the Certificate in Executive Leadership—the highest level Certificate offered by the Wisconsin School of Business—after completing two additional courses outside of GSB. Please click here to receive additional information about this exceptional opportunity.

GSB Alumni Council needs your support!

The GSB Alumni Council consists of alumni from the GSB Graduate School program who assist GSB in its marketing efforts for all banker education programs. They help foster and coordinate GSB alumni activities in their home state, and provide useful insights and suggestions for GSB program enhancements. GSB Alumni Council members also serve as spokespersons for GSB at various state, regional, and national banking functions. If you would be interested in serving on the GSB Alumni Council, please check the box below and we'll send you additional information.

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