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Sales and Marketing School

September 29 - October 4, 2019
Fluno Center for Executive Education
Madison, WI
Enrollment Deadline: August 29

This one-week school includes a mix of lecture, small group exercises and individualized application sessions to incorporate practical, hands-on content that will allow you to work with learned concepts in real-world situations. This applied learning is a key benefit of participating and will provide skills and tools you can put to use immediately at your bank. The program's curriculum features two core areas of study - the business of banking and sales & marketing management. Courses will cover topics in key areas such as these:


    • Introduction to the Business of Banking
      Learn the major components of a bank's balance sheet, income statement and key ratios used in decision-making at the bank. This session also outlines the concept of strategic planning and achievement of sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Bank Profitability Analysis
      Attendees will come away with a clear understanding of the main components that affect bank profitability. You'll explore management's focus on certain ratios and the effect on human resources requirements.
    • Asset/Liability Management
      In this session, attendees will learn the goals, organization, and process of asset/liability management and how to integrate A/L with IT management goals. You'll gain a better understanding of how to identify different types of risk and the implications of risk mismatch.
    • Bank Regulatory & Competitive Environment
      Learn the forces that affect industry competitiveness and the impact of deregulation on earnings. Key issues for bank survival and prosperity and the shift from product-driven to market-driven strategies will also be discussed.
  • Sales & Marketing Curriculum

    • Sales & Marketing Planning – process, research, segmentation, customer profiling
    • Sales Management & Coaching
    • Performance Metrics & Goal Setting
    • Customer Information Management – onboarding, reboarding, CRM, data mining
    • Sales & Relationship Building Skills
    • Sales & Marketing Budgeting and ROI
    • Content Marketing – digital, email, websites, video, blogs, social media
    • Acquisition Strategies – prospecting, networking, referrals, centers of influence
    • Staff Development & Employee Engagement – recruiting, compensation, rewards, recognition, skills testing, staff retention
  • Application Sessions

    • The Sales & Marketing School includes daily application sessions to apply information learned to the student’s bank
    • Small group roundtable discussions are also included in the program to give student’s additional opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas
    • Given the strong lineup of highly successful and highly rated faculty, individual coaching/mentoring sessions with faculty will be available each evening to aid student’s in the sales and marketing planning process and incorporating content learned into their bank’s primary sales/marketing situations and goals.