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If this is your first time using the GSB Online Classroom, we recommend you test your Internet browser to make sure your system is properly configured prior to the first session. Please click on the link below to test your browser. If your Web browser does not pass the browser test, follow the suggested configuration changes that are listed on the Browser Check page. If your Web browser does not pass the browser test even after you make the suggested configuration changes, contact your Information Technology department for more information.

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System requirements:

To participate in a live GSB Online Seminar presentation you need the ability to be on the Internet and the phone at the same time. The visuals are presented over the Internet via the GSB Online Classroom, and the audio is delivered via a toll-free audio conferencing line which you'll dial into. If you will have others at your organization participating in the program, you can use an LCD projector to project the image onto a screen and then use a speaker phone for the audio portion of the program.

For IT departments looking for specific details on system requirements, please visit: System Requirements and read the information about the Windows-based client, not the web-based client.

Technical Assistance:

If you need assistance participating in a GSB online seminar or viewing a recording, please email support or call Customer Care at (855) 888-6094. Please note that this Customer Care service is provided by our service provider. If you have specific questions regarding GSB educational programs (i.e. program content, programs offered, faculty, fees) please call GSB at 800-755-6440.