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International Bankers Program

Under the sponsorship of the Herbert V. Prochnow Educational Foundation, a special program is offered to qualified officers of banks in other countries who seek an opportunity to increase their understanding of U.S. banking issues and practices. Participants design a program of study from courses in the GSB curriculum, and attend classes with American GSB students.

The International Bankers Program was first offered in August 1991. Since that time, hundreds of bankers from around the world have completed the program. International students can choose from two options for their coursework -- the first is a two-week session in which we help the student design a program of courses chosen from GSB's comprehensive curriculum. The second option is a twenty-five month International Bankers Program. This requires a commitment of three summers for two weeks each summer. These students complete the same required courses, examinations, and intersession projects as domestic students. Upon successful completion, international students graduate with a thorough understanding of United States banking policies and practices as well as a valuable network of contacts.

The Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin has become the school of choice for international bankers because of its reputation for exceptional networking, quality facilities, excellence in teaching and academic rigor. Given the high level of interest in GSB educational programs from bankers worldwide, GSB has partnered with several respected international organizations and associations, including:

GSB has welcomed bankers from countries around the world, including those listed below. To learn more about opportunities available to international bankers click to request information.