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Human Resource Management School - Curriculum

April 7-12, 2019
Fluno Center for Executive Education
Madison, WI

Enrollment Deadline: March 7

This one-week school features a curriculum that has been divided into two core areas of study - the business of banking and human resource management.  While the 2019 program is still being finalized, the following courses have been used successfully in recent years and represent the depth and quality you can expect. 

  • Business of Banking Curriculum

    • Introduction to the Business of Banking
      Learn the major components of a bank's balance sheet, income statement and key ratios used in decision-making at the bank. This session also outlines the concept of strategic planning and achievement of sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Bank Profitability Analysis
      Attendees will come away with a clear understanding of the main components that affect bank profitability. You'll explore management's focus on certain ratios and the effect on human resources requirements.
    • Asset/Liability Management
      In this session, attendees will learn the goals, organization, and process of asset/liability management and how to integrate A/L with IT management goals. You'll gain a better understanding of how to identify different types of risk and the implications of risk mismatch.
    • Bank Regulatory & Competitive Environment
      Learn the forces that affect industry competitiveness and the impact of deregulation on earnings. Key issues for bank survival and prosperity and the shift from product-driven to market-driven strategies will also be discussed.
    • Strategic Planning & Marketing
      You'll gain a better understanding of how strategic, competitive, and marketing concepts affect human resource needs and possible roadblocks you'll encounter in the strategic planning process.
  • Human Resource Management Curriculum

    This portion of the curriculum includes in-depth exploration of a variety of critical HR topics. Gain important knowledge that you can take back and apply immediately at your bank. These or similarly valuable topics will be explored in-depth in this portion of the curriculum, with an emphasis on practical, real-world examples that will allow you to apply concepts at your organization.

    • HR's Role in Building and Maintaining Company Culture
      HR is critical to the building, maintaining and communicating your organization's culture-- discover how to make the most of this important role.
    • Role of Benefits in Total Rewards
      Explore the impact of benefits as part of an overall compensation and rewards program.
    • Building a Talent Management Succession Plan
      Explore methods to mesh personal goals with corporate goals and examine practical steps to better manage your career. The session will also help you develop goal-oriented action plans.
    • Employment Law Update
      Attendees will learn how to develop a framework to identify and analyze legal problems relating to HR practices. You'll also explore how to respond to common employee complaints in a legally responsible manner and how to take appropriate action before potential problems arise.
    • Developing a Base Compensation Plan
      Discuss why performance management is the key to employee productivity, career development, and success. Insight into reward programs within cost-effective guidelines, compensation techniques and trends, and legal issues will also be discussed. Finally, you'll learn how to tie compensation and benefits to your bank's strategy and profitability goals.
    • Best Practices: Building and Refining Incentive Compensation Plans
      Explore what works -- and what to avoid -- when developing your bank's incentive compensation plan.