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Graduate Banking School - Distinguished Speaker Series

The Graduate School of Banking is pleased to enhance its curriculum with a series of keynote speakers, included in tuition at no additional charge -- addressing timely, relevant banking and leadership topics.

Special thanks to our 2021 sponsors for their generous support of the GSB Distinguished Speaker Series.


These value-added programs will round out an exceptional 2021 session!


Economic Inclusion: Closing the Gaps

Presented by Anthony L. Goins - Director of Economic Development at Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Lincoln, NE

From his experience in the military, business, and financial leadership, and now the Director of Economic Development for the state of Nebraska, Tony Goins will share his perspective on the unique opportunities financial institutions have in this moment to address gaps in economic opportunity. Tony believes that banks can play a crucial role in facilitating opportunities for large firms to do business with minority businesses. Detailed Description

Anothony Gains

Profit Mastery: Banking the Independent Business – Full-Service or Lip-Service?

Presented by Steve LeFever - Chairman, Profit Mastery, Seattle, WA

Focusing on the challenges and opportunities for the independent banker in the small business marketplace and taking a marketing/business development approach to create measurable differentiation. Steve LeFever, one of the nation’s leading advocates in the banking and small business community and a top-rated instructor at the Graduate School of Banking/Madison for over two decades, will provide you insights and perspectives to develop a proactive approach to effectively connect with the most important and profitable market segment — independent business. You’ll explore specific strategies to meet the needs of this market in a way that delivers measureable results, proven differentiation, and a positive impact on key bank profit drivers. Detailed Description

Anothony Gains

The Art of Encouragement

Presented by Thomas E. Williams -- Centurion Business Continuity Strategy Manager, Jack Henry & Associates, Northville, MI

What if one could learn the skills required to provide encouragement on an ongoing basis as a practice. This would improve their ability to provide leadership through motivation. For when we are in an encouraged state, we tend to be more motivated and productive, which transcends to a better working environment and service to our customers. During this session Tom will provide tools to assist you in encouraging yourself, as well as others around you. These tools can be applied at the workplace and in your home life to foster great relationships. Detailed Description

Anothony Gains

Banking for Today and Tomorrow: How Economic Challenges and Technology are Changing Our Industry

Presented by Julie Stackhouse - Retired Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

This session will reflect on the impact of the housing and COVID crises on the economy and economic growth. Stackhouse will then examine factors posing challenges to banks, especially those in rural communities. Julie will then address the promise and pitfalls of financial technology on the future of banking. Detailed Description

Anothony Gains