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July 31-August 12, 2022
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
Enrollment Deadline: June 1, 2022


You will be required to pay the Application Fee of $350 when you submit this application form. We will bill you for the remaining fees upon acceptance of your application. You may enter your credit card information (MasterCard, Visa and American Express accepted) when prompted after submitting this form and it will be securely processed and submitted to GSB. Please note your application is not complete until the enrollment deposit has been paid. If you have questions regarding payment information please contact GSB at 800-755-6440.

Please fill out this application and press "Submit Form" to forward your application; then, follow the prompts to pay the enrollment deposit. Note that fields marked * are required. We suggest that you print out a copy of this application for your records before pressing the "Submit Form" button. When your application form has been sent to GSB, the next screen you see will the payment page where you can charge the depsosit to your credit card.

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2022 Session Fees: Annual fee of $5,225 for the 2022 session includes a non-refundable application fee, lodging, meals, instructional materials, access to the GSB learning management system and and intersession projects. Upon acceptance of your application, we will bill you for all remaining fees based on your selection above.

By submitting this application electronically, I certify that I have read the admission requirements and hereby make application to the Graduate School of Banking, beginning with the August 2022 Session. If accepted, I agree to attend all scheduled classes and seminars, complete all assigned work and otherwise comply with established policies and standards of the School. I understand that my enrollment, even after it is confirmed, is subject to government and University policies. Also, by submitting this application electronically, I authorize the School to provide my academic records to my employer or sponsoring institution. Note: your contact information (work info only including phone and e-mail) listed above will be included in the Student Roster at the program unless you request, in writing, that it not be included.

Please click the "submit form" button only once. You will be directed to a confirmation page where you can then pay the $350 application fee securely via credit card.

As a matter of policy, the Graduate School of Banking does not discriminate among applicants and participants on the basis of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, color, disability or marital status.