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Details & Fees

July 31-August 12, 2022
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
Enrollment Deadline: June 1, 2022


Admission Requirements

Admission to the Graduate School of Banking is by application only. Those seeking admission as first-year students should file an online application with the Graduate School of Banking, 5315 Wall Street, Suite 280, Madison, Wisconsin, 53718-7965.

Admission requirements for first-year students are designed to select those applicants who are prepared by experience and prior education to derive the greatest benefit from this advanced bank management program. Each first-year applicant must qualify under one of the following criteria:

  • Officers of FDIC-insured banks or savings institutions with five years of banking experience, as well as a four-year college degree or four additional years of financial services experience.
  • State and federal financial institution regulatory officials and directors of banks or savings institutions with educational background and experience comparable to that required of bank officers.
  • Non-officer bank or savings institution employees who are performing officer-level functions will be considered if their applications are accompanied by letters of recommendation from their chief executive officers describing current duties and responsibilities.
  • Professionals from firms providing services to banks and savings institutions who have educational and experience backgrounds comparable to that required of bank officers will be considered for admission on a case by case basis and will be dependent on available space.

As a matter of policy, the Graduate School of Banking does not discriminate among applicants and participants on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, color, handicap, orientation or marital status.

Program Fee:

Your annual tuition includes:

  • All instructional materials, posted electronically for download, for the two-week resident session.
  • Single occupancy lodging on the UW-Madison campus
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and student picnic
  • Access to the GSB Learning Mangement System
  • Networking with bankers from across the country and internationally
  • All intersession projects throughout the year
  • $350 non-refundable registration fee
  • Access to financial industry experts and professionals that serve on the GSB faculty

The session fee for the 2022 Graduate School program is $5,225 for first and second year students (for U.S. and Caribbean students); there is also a Senior fee of $325 for students attending their final year, to offset additional costs for the FiSim captstone course.

International students: Due to the complexity, personalization and ongoing correspondence necessary for an international student to successfully complete the 25-month Graduate School of Banking program, there is an additional fee of $400/year added to the base tuition listed above.