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Meet the Faculty

Not all graduate banking schools are alike...

In fact, one unique difference, and distinct advantage, of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is our faculty. The highly-regarded faculty -- 90% of whom are current or former bankers -- are respected nationwide for their expertise in banking-related issues and bring real-world examples to the classroom. Faculty are subject to change.

GSB Faculty

Christopher A. Acker
Senior Vice President & CFO
FARIN Financial Risk Management
Fitchburg, WI

Freddie Barnard
Professer Emeritus of Agriculture Economics
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
Course Leader – Ag Lending

Angie Bennett
Vice President
Dardis Communications
Dyersville, Iowa
Best Practices in Leadership Presentation Skills
Course Leader – Leadership Presentation Skills

Marcie L. Bomberg
Confidentia Group/MARC Advisory
Naperville, IN
Leadership Lessons Learned

Jay W. Coakley
Coakley Strategic Solutions LLC
Jefferson City, MO
Course Leader – Retail Marketing for Growth and Profitability

Eric C. Cook
WSI Digital Marketing
Battle Creek, MI
Course Leader – Successful Social Media Strategies for Today's Community Banker

Michael D. Davis
Heritage Management Services, Inc.
Naples, FL
Course Leader - Problem Loan Identification and Resolution

Dan J. Dwyer
Managing Principal
Dwyer Capital Strategies L.L.C.
Bloomington, MN
Course Leader - Understanding and Managing Option Risk

Robert D. Dye
President and CEO
Dye Associates, Inc.
Wheaton, IL
Section Leader – Retail Banking
Program Update & Introduction to Year 2

Kelly J. Gaeth
VP of Portfolio Risk Management and Credit Analytics
First National of Nebraska
Omaha, NE
Loan Portfolio Management - Year 2

Nan Gesche
Educator, Speaker, Consultant
Communication Studies
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Strategic Leadership Issues

Anthony Goins
Chief Business Optimizer
The Business Optimizer & Partners LLC
Leadership Lessons Learned
Strategic Leadership Issues

John Gregg
Senior Vice President, Retired
Morton Community Bank
Morton, IL

Richard Hamm
President & Owner
Advantage Consulting & Training
Huntsville, AL
Course Leader – Commercial Real Estate: Appraisals & Cash Flow Analysis

Mike Hendren
Real Estate Senior Credit Officer
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Nashville, TN
Loan Portfolio Management - Year 2

Darren Herrmann
Executive Vice President & Corporate Treasurer
UMB Financial Corporation
Kansas City, MO
Section Leader – Asset/Liability Management - Year 2

Tom Hershberger
Cross Financial Group
Lincoln, NE
Course Leader – Moving Customers from Satisfied To Loyal Improves Bottom Line Performance
Bank Marketing

Retail Banking

Bill Hippensteel
EVP, Director of Product Development
Commerce Bank
Rockford, IL
Retail Banking

Todd Hirsch
Managing Examiner
Supervision and Risk Management
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - Omaha Branch
Omaha, NE

Deb Houden
Senior Consultant
Family Business Consulting Group
Madison, WI
Course Leader - Effective Negotiations

Jack Hubbard
Chief Experience Officer
St. Meyer & Hubbard
Elgin, IL
Course Leader - Creating Lifetime Bank to Business Partnerships Through Trust, Value and Resource Management
Bank Marketing
Retail Banking

Derrick Jackson
SVP, Chief Credit Officer
First Savings Bank
Clarksville, IN
Loan Portfolio Management - Year 2

Michael Jacobson
Chairman, President & CEO
NebraskaLand National Bank
North Platte, NE
Leadership Lessons Learned

James M. Johannes
Graduate School of Banking-Prochnow Professor of Banking
Aschenbrener Chair of Banking & Finance
Director, Puelicher Center for Banking Education
Director, Officer Education Program
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI
Section Leader – Economics, Money Markets and Banking
Asset/Liability Management - Year 1

Julia Johnson
Senior Manager
Wipfli, LLP
Green Bay, WI
Course Leader - Total Compensation
Leadership Beyond Management

David Kemp
Bankers Management, Inc.
McDonough, GA
Retail Banking

Lance E. Kessler
Lance Kessler & Associates
Mechanicsburg, PA
Section Leader – Bank Marketing
Section Leader – Interactive Ethics Workshop

Steve King
Adjunct Faculty
Center for Professional and Executive Development
Wisconsin School of Business
Madison, WI
Leadership Beyond Management
Stragetic Leadership Issues

Chad Knutson
President, SBS Institute
SBS CyberSecurity, LLC
Madison, SD
Section Leader – IT Strategic Management
Course Leader - Cybersecurity and Vendor Risk Management

David W. Koch
President & CEO
FARIN Financial Risk Management
Fitchburg, WI
Section Leader – Bank Performance Analysis & Capital Planning
Asset/Liability Management - Year 1
Asset/Liability Management - Year 2

Vicki Kraai
Speaker, Educator, Facilitator, Coach
Lincoln, NE
Section Leader - FiSim

Mark Laplante
Senior Lecturer, Finance Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI
Economics, Money Markets and Banking

Dwight R. Larsen
National Bank Examiner
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Minneapolis, MN
Section Leader – Asset/Liability Management - Year 1
Section Leader - Enterprise Risk Management: A Workable Process

Steven C. LeFever
Profit Mastery
Seattle, WA
Course Leader – Banking the Independent Business

Marcia Malzahn
President & Founder
Malzahn Strategic
Maple Grove, MN
Course Leader – Treasury Management: A Powerful Tool to Increase Deposits and Fee Income

Darryl Mataya
Senior Vice President
FARIN Financial Risk Management
Fitchburg, WI

Patrice McGuire
Senior Consultant
McGuire Business Partners
Sussex, WI
Course Leader – Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High
Course Leader – Providing Effective Feedback: Positive and Not So Positive

John McQueen
Director of the Financial Services Group
Vice President
UMB Bank
Kansas City, MO
Asset/Liability Management - Year 2

Shawn Meyer
Field Supervisor
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Madison, WI

Karl Nelson
Founder and CEO
KPN Consulting, LLC
Roswell, GA
Course Leader – Liquidity and Funds Management

Rob Newberry
SVP of Credit Risk Services
FARIN Financial Risk Management
Fitchburg, WI
Loan Portfolio Management - Year 1
Loan Portfolio Management - Year 2

JP Nicols
Managing Director
FinTech Forge
Bellevue, WA
Course Leader - Banking in an Era of Digital Distruption

Todd Patrick
Senior Vice President, Capital Markets
CenterState Bank
Atlanta, GA
Asset/Liability Management - Year 1

Brett E. Polglaze
Senior Manager
Wipfli LLP
Madison, WI
Course Leader - Days to Close - Using Lean Process Improvement Tools to Speed Up Your Process

Terry A. Saber
Saber Advisory Group, LLC
Dassel, MN
Section Leader – Leadership Beyond Management
Section Leader – Leadership Lessons Learned
Section Leader – Strategic Leadership Issues
Course Leader – Maximizing Human Resource Leadership at Your Bank
Course Leader – Strategic Plan and Capital Plan Alignment: Best Practices of High Performing Community Banks

GSB Curriculum Overview

Michael L. Schlough
Assistant Director of Examinations
Department of Financial Institutions - Wisconsin
Madison, WI

Philip Smith
Gerrish Smith Tuck, PC
Memphis, TN
Section Leader - Enhancing Shareholder Value With or Without Sale

Michael Solberg
Leadership Lessons Learned
Strategic Leadership Issues

Joe Sullivan
Market Insights
Chicago, IL
Retail Banking

Cheryl Thomas
Managing Director
Impacting People, LLC
Wadsworth, IL
Leadership Beyond Management
Strategic Leadership Issues

Shayne Thomas
Seneca County Board of Commissioners
Tiffin, OH

Terri Thomas
SVP-Legal Department Director
Kansas Bankers Association
Topeka, KS
Section Leader - Law and Regulation in Banking
Course Leader - Payment Systems and Fraud Loss Allocation

Raleigh A. Trovillion
Executive Vice President
Investment Division
UMB Bank
St. Louis, MO
Course Leader - Strategically Managing the Investment Portfolio for Long-Term Performance
Asset/Liability Management - Year 2

Dave Ward
Chief Credit Officer
Northwest Financial Corp. and Northwest Bank
Arnolds Park, IA

Michael Wear
Senior Credit Analyst - Corporate Banking Group
First National Bank of Omaha
Omaha, NE
Section Leader - Loan Portfolio Management - Years 1 & 2

Peter J. Wilder
Godfrey & Kahn
Milwaukee, WI
Law and Regulation in Banking

Tom Williams
Business Continuity Strategy Manager
Centurion Disaster Recovery Services
Jack Henry & Associates
Northville, MI
Course Leader – Maintaining Customer Loyalty Through Business Resilience

Lisa Yaffe
Center for Professional and Executive Development
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI
Leadership Lessons Learned
Strategic Leadership Issues