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Certificate of Executive Leadership - Curriculum

May 2-7, 2016
Fluno Center for Executive Education
Madison, WI
Enrollment Deadline: April 1

Transition to a place of higher purpose and performance

This custom program, prepared exclusively for Graduate School of Banking alumni, combines the curriculum of two School of Business courses -- Leadership Beyond Management and Leadership: Transform Your Business Culture -- into a single, stand-alone program that will lead to the Certificate of Executive Leadership for those alumni who complete this week-long course.

Leadershp Beyond Management

Visionary business thinker Peter Drucker was among the first to recognize the emergence of the “knowledge worker” and the critical business challenges this would create. The goal was no longer to “manage” people as though they’re cogs in a machine, but to “lead” people — to take the specific strengths and knowledge in every individual and elevate them to a place of higher productivity and performance. Designed to help you acquire the skills necessary to inspire, motivate, and influence others and transition into your authentic leadership role, the concepts in Leadership Beyond Management take you on an empowering, interactive, and self-reflective journey that will give you a 360° view of your leadership strengths and weaknesses. You will acquire real-world strategies to positively impact and influence individuals and teams in a way that improves business performance.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Benchmark your leadership style through a pre-program assessment and analysis
  • Personalized one-to-one coaching based on the specific results of your leadership assessment
  • Learn how to align business goals with your employee and team strengths
  • Define, shape, and reward leadership behaviors in your areas of influence
  • Learn how to develop others to become leaders
  • Understand how diversity of employees and customers impacts business opportunities
  • Become an authentic and purposeful leader
  • Lead change and elevate your organization’s performance

Leadership: Transform Your Business Culture

Have you considered how your actions and behaviors as a leader impact the kind of business culture you want to create? Or as one business icon put it recently, “Would you want to work for you?”

In the first part of this course, you’ll think through your own leadership characteristics and dig deep into issues that need to be managed, while becoming more self-aware, confident and better equipped to lean into your leadership strengths. Second, you’ll complete an Organizational Culture Inventory® to understand how your organization culture impacts business results. Together, this learning will help you align your leadership style with business performance and profitability.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • How business leaders can transform both their approach to leading and the culture of their organizations
  • How a leader’s technical and functional skills can be expanded well beyond initial capabilities
  • Adopt a set of scientifically-derived techniques that enhance your leadership performance
  • Review the research on purposeful, productive, and personally healthy business cultures
  • Determine what cultural adjustments will lead to greater economic value and wellness among employees
  • Design two integrated improvement plans you can implement right away