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Digital Banking School

The Digital Banking School is being delivered 100% online to allow employees across various functional areas to participate. The curriculum is divided into a one-hour welcome and overview, plus eight sessions that will be delivered live online in 3-hour segments -- with breaks -- over the course of four weeks. Each session will be recorded in case someone cannot attend the live, interactive session – and we will include interactive application sessions within the program so you can apply what you’ve learned and begin immediately to begin discussing your bank’s digital banking goals and strategy. The school will also include virtual networking opportunities and a panel discussion with digital banking experts and bankers who’ve successfully developed and launched digital banking at their institution.

In addition to the program overview, the eight course modules that make up the school are:

Defining Your Digital Banking Strategy

  • Why digital banking matters now more than ever
  • Competitive threats from the rapidly evolving competitive landscape: Big banks, Big Techs, and FinTechs
  • Developing a digital banking strategy that aligns with the bank’s strategic priorities
  • Building for speed and agility
  • Best practices from leading digital players
  • Application session: strategy maps to determine desired outcomes and evaluate strategic choices and tradeoffs

Which Version do You Want to Play?

  • Researching and determining the customer experience you want to provide
  • Hearing the “voice” of your customer and determining desired results
  • Digging into your market and market behavior
  • Integrating the digital bank strategy into your physical brick and mortar strategy
  • Steps to measure success of your digital banking presence

Create Your Team – The People Factor of a Digital Bank

  • Making the necessary shift to evolve towards a digital banking culture
  • Skills and keys to leadership in a digital banking culture
  • Finding the right people to setup and maintain your digital bank

What Equipment Do You Need?

  • Top trends in digital banking technologies
  • Establishing partnerships that are critical to success
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Onboarding and new customer acquisition
  • Application session: hands-on overview of current and new technologies

Building the Foundation to Help You Achieve Digital Banking Success

  • Selecting the right business structure/model to position your bank for digital success
  • Legal and regulatory challenges when focusing on a digital model
  • Evolutionary changes on the horizon directly related to your strategic shift

Technology & Risk: Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Operational risks associated with digital banking
  • Proactively protecting your digital banking presence from attacks
  • Best practices in cybersecurity strategies

Promoting Your Digital Bank & Building Your Brand

  • Best practices in marketing your digital bank
  • Effective marketing and sales strategies specific to digital banking
  • Incorporating social media and digital marketing into your promotional strategies

Program Wrap-Up: Keys to Success from a Winning Team

  • An interactive session with attendees where we’ll pull it all together with a panel of active digital bankers and faculty experts on keys to success and lessons learned when developing a digital bank.