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Graduate School of Banking Trustees

The Graduate School of Banking is sponsored by the Central States Conference of Bankers Associations and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The chief executive officers of these associations, along with a representative of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, serve as of Trustees of the Graduate School of Banking and its Prochnow Educational Foundation.

Curtis A. Everson
South Dakota Bankers Association

Vice Chair
Richard Baier
President & CEO
Nebraska Bankers Association

President and CEO
Kirby Davidson
Graduate School of Banking and
Prochnow Educational Foundation

Rick Clayburgh
President and CEO
North Dakota Bankers Association

Immediate Past Chair
Michael J. Adelman
President and CEO
Ohio Bankers League





Roger M. Beverage
President and CEO
Oklahoma Bankers Association

Frank Carson
President and CEO
Carson Bank
Mulvane, KS

Ballard W. Cassady, Jr.
President and CEO
Kentucky Bankers Association

Don A. Childears
President and CEO
Colorado Bankers Association

Rick Clayburgh
President and CEO
North Dakota Bankers Association

Max Cook
Missouri Bankers Association

Bill Holmes
President & CEO
Arkansas Bankers Association

James M. Johannes
Aschenbrener Chair of Banking & Finance
Director, Puelicher Center for Banking Education
Director, Officer Education Program
Wisconsin School of Business
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Linda Koch
President and CEO
Illinois Bankers Association

Kent Liechty
First Bank of Berne
Berne, Indiana

Rose Oswald Poels
President and CEO
Wisconsin Bankers Association

Rann Paynter
President and CEO
Michigan Bankers Association

Eric Sandberg
President and CEO
Texas Bankers Association

John K. Sorensen
President and CEO
Iowa Bankers Association

Chuck Stones
Kansas Bankers Association

Amber R. Van Til
President and CEO
Indiana Bankers Association

Joe Witt
President and CEO
Minnesota Bankers Association




Dwight R. Larsen
National Bank Examiner
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Minneapolis, MN

Lance E. Kessler
Lance Kessler & Associates
Mechanicsburg, PA