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About graduate school of banking

The Graduate School of Banking is sponsored and governed by the Central States Conference of Bankers Associations in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Many of the chief officers from each of these 18 member associations, along with representatives of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, serve on the GSB Board of Trustees, the governing body of GSB.

In addition, the GSB Banker Advisory Board consists of banking leaders who are alumni of the school and endorse the program, and serve as advisors to GSB on curriculum, marketing, and leadership development issues.

The Herbert V. Prochnow Educational Foundation was established in 1983 as a supporting organization to the Graduate school of Banking. It was named in honor of the founder of the Graduate School of Banking, Herbert V. Prochnow (1897-1998). The Foundation supports research in banking education, and sponsors a number of educational programs and activities intended to benefit the banking industry.